Philadelphia Arcade Goes Cashless with Intercard


University Family Fun Center, billed as “Philadelphia’s only traditional arcade,” recently opted to switch from tokens to Intercard’s cashless technology. Owner Billy Schoepe says the change is “the greatest thing I’ve ever done.”

Billy and Rebecca Schoepe have switched to Intercard cashless technology at their University Family Fun Center in Philadelphia. (Photo: Billy Schoepe)

The arcade, opened as a pinball venue in 1977 by Billy’s father William Schoepe, previously changed in 2009 when Billy took over; it became an FEC when the younger proprietor added Skee-Ball, more video games and redemption machines. They also switched from coins to tokens.

But now it’s on to the next chapter with cashless, which Billy said has led to a “huge increase in purchasing.” He added: “Before, the most I would get was a twenty-dollar bill for a hundred tokens, which to me was freaking phenomenal. Now I can take credit cards. People can put in $100 and get the game credit price down to like 18 cents a credit.” Learn more at and


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