Peppa Pig Park Will Be Certified Austism Center


Peppa Pig Theme Park will be a certified autism center when it opens on Feb. 24, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Executives announced the news at an IAAPA press conference.

The Winter Haven, Fla., attraction is working with the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards to get the designation. Its sister park, Legoland Florida, and the resort’s three on-property hotels will also be certified.

“On the website, there’ll be a lot of information for parents with autistic children to be able to identify the types of rides and attractions that are going to be suitable for the child,” said Rex Jackson, managing director of Legoland Parks in North America. “Upon arrival, as they go up to the individual rides, there’ll be signs that also provide autism information to those families looking for that information.” Learn more at


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