Operating Illegally, Fun Park Gets COVID-19 Citation


Funa’rama Fun Park, located in Lake George, N.Y., was shut down and cited last weekend for operating without clearance from the state. According to The Post-Star, village COVID inspectors, led by director of planning and zoning Dan Barusch, were checking in on local businesses to ensure all guidelines put in place by the state were being followed.

The park’s owner complied with a verbal warning to close, but Barusch said Funa’rama would be issued a citation by the county or the village for violating the guidelines. No word on how much their citation is, but reports indicate it could be in the thousands of dollars. Under state guidelines, arcades and amusement parks are still prohibited from reopening.

Funa’rama was reportedly the first business in Lake George to be issued a citation; around 150 inspections have been performed, Barusch said, and only a handful of verbal warnings have been issued to businesses for not adhering to state guidelines.

However, a written warning was issued to Duffy’s Tavern as diners were found “standing near a bar in violation of state guidelines.” Manager Linda Duffy told The Post-Star she wasn’t aware of the written warning, but acknowledged that the staff needs to better enforce state guidelines. “We do have to start buckling down more on that – making sure that people are staying in their seats and not mingling as much.”


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