OMNI Funplex Taps Creative Works for Attractions


Creative Works recently finished an installation of multiple immersive attractions, including Hologate VR and laser tag, at the OMNI Funplex in Cincinnati. According to location owner Hari Pisati, adding VR gave the Funplex a tech flavor and capitalizes on the latest trends and buzz.

The 35,000 sq. ft. location added a 3,552 sq. ft. laser tag arena themed after Avatar the movie. For those who want to experience VR, the FEC offers a four-player set up with an open layout that allows for spectator interaction and viewership.

“Creative Works has its processes nailed down to great detail,” said Pisati. “They followed up many times to see if my facility is ready and has checklists to make sure they come at the right time. Great sales and customer service throughout the installation and opening process.”

More on Creative Works here.


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