Meet TEKY!


UNIS has introduced today (June 25) the newest member of its team: an official mascot named “TEKY.” He’s an energetic, little robot with an orange antenna ball on top of its head and a big smile on its face. TEKY is to become the brand personality, company execs say, “conveying the brand concisely and reflecting the uniqueness of UNIS as a company.”

TEKY’s creator Ryan Deane said: “We wanted the mascot to be something that is relatable to the company’s direction while resonating with our customers, so I started designing robots.” The company explains that the little guy is to serve as “a fun, interactive symbol that personifies UNIS’ forward thinking while relating to the innovative games the company brings to the amusement markets worldwide.”

“I wanted TEKY to be a well animated character that can appeal to everyone, which is why I designed TEKY’s face to be animated in any emotion,” Deane continued. “I wanted TEKY to literally be in every game that we create. Whether it’s under water, as a cowboy or in space, TEKY will be suited for anything. TEKY is a character that can evolve, and I look forward to see where it takes UNIS in the future.”

The factory says to be on the lookout for the new mascot, who’s expected to start appearing in many of its new games. For more on the company, visit


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