A Bullseye, Every Time


If you peruse the internet, you may have heard of Mark Rober, an engineer, inventor and YouTube personality who’s just become really good at darts. It took him and his former NASA co-worker over three years to build, but their invention paid off and is unveiled in one of Rober’s latest videos.

Essentially, Mark created a moving dartboard that catches any dart thrown within the circumference of the board. Using high-speed, IR detecting cameras and a IR-marked dart, the board senses and reacts instantly to any somewhat on-target throw, re-positioning to ensure the player gets a bullseye every time.

Rober eventually takes the invention to its most logical new home, a local bar. The patrons eyes alight with disbelief as a mix of booze and technological wonder convince them they may just be dart pros. Now, can you put a coin slot on it?


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