New Yellow-Label The Walking Dead Arcade Revealed


Raw Thrills and Play Mechanix have revealed the latest addition to their ever-growing dossier of games: The Walking Dead Arcade. With rumors of the game circulating for the better part of a year, an official brochure from the companies now gives us a solid look at what we’ll see at IAAPA.

The cabinet features iconic imagery that’s should immediately catch the eye of fans of the wildly popular show from AMC. The rear of the machine recreates a well-known scene from the show, with “Don’t Open, Dead Inside” emblazoned across barred hospital doors. In attract mode, lights flash and reveal a life-sized zombie struggling to escape.

A barbed wire-looking topper and specialized crossbow controllers complete the look to make sure players feel like they’re in a world of the dead. Interior lighting takes the immersion to another level as it changes alongside action on the screen.

Gameplay seems to be relatable to other Raw Thrills/Play Mechanix games such as Terminator Salvation or Aliens Armageddon. However, some differences (such as the ability to use melee weapons) are immediately apparent. Watch the gameplay video linked here to see for yourself how it will play.

The game will be released in January 2017, and the companies emphasize that the cabinet design is pending final approval and could always change. Thanks to RePlay contributor Adam Pratt and his blog Arcade Heroes for providing some of the information on the new game.


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