Face Place Declares Operators the Winners in Election Booth Vote


As real votes streamed in from around the country yesterday, Apple Industries announced the winner of their month-long photo booth election contest. (During the promotion, Face Place users around the country were given the chance to take a photo and “cast a vote” for either Republican Donald Trump or Democrat Hillary Clinton.) As it turns out, the booth voting was close, but not nearly as tight as the real race in which Trump won the electoral college vote but lost the popular vote.

In the photo booth election, a 10 percent differential separated the two candidates and in the end, Trump garnered 55.5 percent of the photo booth “votes.” Clinton won 45.5 percent of campaign-themed photo sales during the same period, and saw significant spikes in support at various times during her campaign trail.

However, according to Apple Industries, the real winners of the promotion were the photo booth operators who picked up extra sales from those wanting to take a photo with their favorite (or least favorite) candidate.

The event ran from Sept. 1 through Nov. 7, and customers from across all 50 states participated. According to Apple Industries’ CEO Allen Weisberg, the trends that followed the real world candidates closely reflected trends during the company’s promotion.

“Apple’s photo sales for Donald and Hillary closely tracked the ups and downs of their real-world events on the campaign trail,” said Weisberg. “When Trump got hit by unflattering video recordings, his poll numbers went down in the news media and his photo sales also declined. But when he delivered a strong debate performance, his poll numbers bounced back and so did his Apple photo sales.”

“The same pattern held true for Secretary Clinton,” Weisberg continued. “When Hillary rolled out specific programs for better education and emphasized her lifelong work on behalf of children, her poll numbers rose according to Gallup, Rasmussen and others – and so did her photo sales. When the FBI reopened its probe into her emails, her poll numbers dropped and her Apple photo sales reflected similar trend lines.”

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