New Immersive Venue Opens in Japan


Kevin Williams, RePlay’s international immersive technology special correspondent, has penned a report for our September issue on Bandai Namco’s brand-new Mazaria facility. It’s an immersive entertainment venue where players can enter the world of animation and gaming, opened mid-July in Sunshine City, Ikebukuro, Tokyo.

With major IP fromSquare-ENIX, Nintendo and Bandai Namco themselves, the latest VR tech is employed to create multiple zones offering unique attractions. The concept builds on the lessons learned by the Bandai Namco’s “Project-i-Can” team with the development of the VR Zone series of locations. Along with white-water rafting, skiing and zombie-blasting, the Mazaria site is the first location to see the latest Oculus Quest standalone VR headset employed in an entertainment venue. It’s being used for the new game Pac-Man Challenge VR. One game site describes it as “the in-between world that connects 3D and 2D.”

Read more in a future issue of RePlay.