New Elaut Group Games Hitting Arcades Now


Fast Gunman and T-Rex Laser, two new interactive redemption games from Elaut Group’s Coast to Coast Entertainment, are in stock and ready to ship. The manufacturer reports the games have been proving themselves to be great earners at entertainment locations that have begun to reopen.

A 1-player game, Fast Gunman is a shooting game that challenges players through eight rounds, testing their accuracy and sharpshooting skills as they aim to knock down the four bottles. Each stage of the game is different to keep play fresh – each moving quicker than the last.

T-Rex Laser, meanwhile, is a 2-player shooting game that pits players against a variety of dinosaurs in each of the six rounds. A sit-down, fast-paced action game, T-Rex Laser has nice curb appeal and Coast to Coast reports its earnings at a Miami location neared that of some popular video games that are nearly double the cost.

For more information, contact [email protected] or call or email Elaut Group’s Jim Chapman at 630-258-3058 ([email protected]).


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