N.C. Brewery Unveils First Beer-Dispensing Arcade Game


Yup, you read that right! A Raleigh, N.C., brewery called Big Boss Brewing Company has invented an exciting new way to sample beer: The Last Barfighter! This fighting arcade game pits two players against each other, and to the winner go the spoils! Both players place their cups in a two-headed tap at the front of the game and proceed to fight it out; the winner gets his cup filled while the loser has to fight again for the chance.

Five characters are available to players, all of which represent one of the brewery’s actual year-round brews. The game was created in-house by the company’s employees.

“I grew up playing video games, and I remember stacking quarters at the old arcades waiting in line to show off my virtual fighting skills. And I think it’s a nostalgic experience a lot of people identify with,” said Associate Creative Director Owen Tingle. “I’ve also grown to appreciate the craft and skill it takes to make good-tasting beer. So to combine these two passions into a unique experience other people can enjoy was just awesome.”

“The Last Barfighter is a latest tool in the Big Boss arsenal. It’s a secret weapon that really showcases our beer brands in a fun, interactive, beer-dispensing video game with retro-cool appeal!” continued Dave Rogers, Big Boss Brewing’s Marketing Manager. “We plan on featuring The Last Barfighter at events that help raise funds and awareness for our charitable partners in the communities we serve.”


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