AMOA Kicks Off 70th Anniversary at Expo


During last week’s AAMA/AMOA Amusement Expo, AMOA officially kicked off a year-long observance of its 70th anniversary of representing the amusement industry.

“What a great atmosphere for celebration,” said outgoing AMOA President Rick LaFleur. “The show was engaging, energizing and with clear opportunity. You could see it in the engagement of the attendees on the show floor as well as the educational segments.” LaFleur presided over last week’s festivities before handing off the top AMOA post to Jim Marsh at the closing of the event on Thursday, March 1.

Official 70th anniversary festivities kicked off on the eve of Amusement Expo International’s education day at the annual AMOA Presidents’ dinner where attendees heard from both incoming and outgoing presidents and a special tribute was featured honoring all presidents having served throughout AMOA’s history. (A total of 15 of these past toppers took part in the showtime festivities.)

Current AMOA President Jim Marsh, whose late father Al served as president in 1986, added, “70 years is a milestone to be celebrated and being a second generation AMOA President makes it even more special.”

Embarking on his one-year term, Marsh admits he’s energized by the amount of positive engagement at the recently concluded event stating, “When you take into consideration 41 percent of the increase in buyer attendance was comprised of full-line operators, it says a great deal about today’s operator wanting to engage and evolve.”

A special AMOA Heart and Soul reception was held on Wednesday, Feb. 28, to recognize industry representatives who have given their time and talent on the AMOA board over the years. The Expo celebration concluded on Thursday afternoon with the cutting of a 70th birthday cake at AMOA’s booth.

“It was great to have so many members stop by the booth to say hello throughout the show,” concluded AMOA EVP Lori Schneider. “We’re 70 and still going strong, thanks to our members and especially our volunteer leaders.”


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