Museum Seeks RePlay Collection (And Ticket Stubs!)


The Video Game Museum is looking to acquire a full collection of RePlay Magazines in hopes of preserving it in perpetuity. We do have readers who’ve been with us since day one back in Oct. 1975 and ask anyone with a significant collection of RePlays to consider contacting Walter Day ([email protected]) if they’re interested in contributing to the museum’s preservation efforts. The collection would be shared by the Video Game Museum and the International Video Game Hall of Fame.

“RePlay Magazine is one of the greatest treasure-troves of coin-op history. Its legacy is without equal. We feel that it is important — as well as our call of duty — to maintain and preserve a complete set of RePlay Magazines for future historians to research. It would be shared by the Ottumwa Museum and the IVGHOF,” said Day.

In other Ottumwa news, the Video Game Museum is hoping to celebrate the release of the sequel to arcade-inspired Wreck-it Ralph, Ralph Breaks the Internet, with a new display. Museum curator Julie Huffman Barwick is inviting film goers to send their ticket stubs to the museum so a display showing the wide-ranging popularity of the film can be created. Tickets from the premiere day (Nov. 20) and those that aren’t torn are appreciated, but other tickets will be accepted as well.

For more information on the Ottumwa museum and the IVGHOF, click here. Send your Wreck-it Ralph tickets to:

Julie Huffman Barwick, Curator
Ottumwa Video Game Museum
501 Waverly Ave.
Ottumwa, Iowa 52501


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