Montana Ops Have Fun Taking Care of Business


The Montana Coin Machine Operators Assn. (MCMOA) met for their summer get-together on July 27 and 28 at the Fairmont Hot Springs Resort in Anaconda. The meeting brought together operators from around the state, manufacturers, industry reps and sister organizations the MCMOA works alongside for social events and down-to-business meetings.

“We had a great turnout for our social event on Wednesday,” said Ronda Wiggers, consultant for the MCMOA. “Our summer meeting is kind of our fun meeting. We invite the tavern association, the Department of Justice (which regulates us), and all our suppliers and manufacturers. Mostly it’s a lot of golfing, rafting and other fun stuff.”

Wiggers said the group occasionally brings in political candidates, but didn’t this year due to a conflicting event. AMOA’s President Gaines Butler did attend to update the group on national issues. Also, elections for new leadership were held and three current officers (President Sid Langehough; Vice President Tim Carson; Treasurer Clint Lohman) will continue to hold their respective positions, while Blaine Bowman succeeds Natalie Carson as MCMOA’s new Secretary.

The talk around the tables centered on pool and dart leagues, video gambling and some policy changes affecting Montana and those who operate gaming machines. Wiggers said a lot of time was spent discussing new key management agreements that essentially lay out the details behind what to do when a machine malfunctions.

“Gaming machines that malfunction need to be taken out of play immediately, but how to do that properly can get confusing,” Wiggers said. “If players win but don’t get money from the machine, you have to make sure they’re treated fairly, quickly and still get the machine off the network fast.”

During the course of the annual meeting, the association awarded AMOA’s Wayne E. Hesch Memorial Scholarship to Aaron Carpenter, a student at Montana State University. The meeting also saw a $14,000 donation to Montana’s Council of Problem Gambling, which, according to Wiggers, is one of two donations the organization pledges each year.


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