MK Themed Attractions Increased FEC Sales


For FECs ready to take their theming to the next level, take a look at MK Themed Attractions, which re-themed the Jesperhus Feriepark amusement park in Denmark to great financial success.

The park was re-themed with famous Danish IP characters before the summer holiday season, and about $1 million was invested in the project, which also saw a space expansion. The new FEC area saw 45,000 visitors in the first six weeks of re-opening, resulting in a 300 percent increase in sales.

“Today’s guests want to enter a storytelling world that lets them escape the stressful everyday life, and this new colorful explosion, where the world of Zik and Zak (the famous Danish characters) has come to life, is exactly that,” said Lars Nielsen, the themed attraction specialist.

Added the park’s managing director, Peter Overgaard, “The last couple of years, we have intensified the themed experience at our park, which has had a very positive outcome. MK Themed Attractions helped our new water park Hugos Badeland come to life last year, and this year the world of Zik and Zak.”

They’ll also be going with MK Themed Attractions in 2020 when the park adds a themed outdoor playground. Visit for more information on the Denmark-based company.


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