Mega Tokens: Could Be Big!


When LaserTag Adventures of Waukesha, Wis., added mini bowling and Lazer Frenzy attractions, owner Bill Mann wanted an easy way to separate revenue streams between these newer attractions and traditional arcade games. Mann wanted to use tokens to keep with the nostalgic feel, but didn’t want customers to fumble around with a handful of too many. So, he opted for “Mega Tokens.”

These Mega Tokens, which are made by Tokens Direct, are significantly larger than the location’s standard brass tokens, making it fast and easy for employees and patrons to differentiate them. As an added plus, the larger tokens also prominently display the LaserTag Adventures logo.

Mann says the Mega Tokens also provide another revenue stream. With a landed cost of less than 30 cents each, and a sales price of $2.50, each Mega Token that is sold but not redeemed nets profit. Mann discounts his Mega Tokens when purchased in volume, but even at the highest levels, there is ample profit to be had from “walkaways,” he said.

For businesses accustomed to token usage, Tokens Direct says its Mega Tokens require no additional upfront cost or installation fee, and claims they are “much more cost-effective than card systems, and they evoke customer nostalgia which cards never will.”

Tokens Direct offers a full line of tokens through an online store with factory direct pricing, low minimum order quantities and fast turnaround time on all orders. Many customization options are available.

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