Maryland OKs Mini-Golf, Amusement Parks and More


Mini-golf, amusement parks, go-kart tracks and other outdoor amusements were given the go-ahead by Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan last week.

According to the Capital Gazette, that news came as a surprise to some mini-golf facilities that had been operating since the first week of May, assuming they could as the state scaled back restrictions on golf courses and driving ranges. It is one of the latest examples of the confusion that surrounds reopening guidelines in municipalities all over the U.S.

“All this time, nobody knew mini-golf courses were supposed to be closed,” said Rixey Gore, owner of Mitchell’s Golf Complex in Baltimore County with three sprawling mini-golf courses. She said she called as many colleagues as she could to figure out if she would be breaking rules by reopening. Read the full article for details from more Maryland outdoor amusement facilities.


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