MajorMega Debuts Hyperdrive at Expo


For those seeking a smaller footprint virtual reality setup from MajorMega, your time has arrived. They’ve followed up their 4-player Hyperdeck platform with the 64-sq.-ft. Hyperdrive, a 2-player product that made its debut at Amusement Expo and will begin to ship this summer.

“No other attendant free VR product has this level of interactivity and intense motion,” said Michael Bridgman, a MajorMega co-founder. “It sets a new bar for the coin-op arcade industry. The split responsibilities of a driver and gunner setup adds immediate replay value as the players want to experience the other perspective and challenges in the game.” (RePlay can confirm this as our own Key Snodgress and Matt Harding gave the game a whirl twice toward the end of the trade show.)

Added co-founder Sean Hennessey, “Both D-Box and HTC have helped make the Hyperdeck a very reliable product, so it was an obvious choice to partner again for the Hyperdrive.” Both platforms have a similar feel, but are completely different offerings. Learn more about them at


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