Main Event’s Covid Pivot Featured in Entrepreneur


Sarah Beddoe, chief brand officer at Main Event Entertainment was recently interviewed by Entrepreneur about the company and its work to shake things up during the Covid pandemic.

Beddoe boasted about Main Event’s custom Virtual Experiences, which were launched earlier this year and allowed customers to stay connected to the FEC while at home.

“What the Covid-19 pandemic has shown us is the need for human connection,” she said, “and I couldn’t be more proud of our brand’s ability to bring that to life every day in our centers and now virtually across the country.”

When Main Event closed in March alongside countless other businesses, Beddoe said they immediately went to work to make their centers safer but also engage customers at home, starting live daily “Virtual Birthday Parties” on Instagram, for example.

“It was at that time that we began to put together what has become Main Event Virtual Experiences,” she said. “Essentially, we were able to imagine a way for our guests to connect with their coworkers, family or friends through a series of games that range from trivia-led happy hours to team building escape rooms and mind-twisting board games.” Learn more at


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