Argentina FECs Begin “Normal” Reopening


After nine months of strict quarantine for the entertainment industry in Argentina, FECs around the South American nation are beginning to reopen with restrictions in place, according to Magnetic Cash, a cashless system provider based in the country.

“Little by little we began the reopening process, following the protocols established by the Argentine Assn. of Parks and Attractions,” said Magnetic Cash client Ulises Gaitan, co-owner of Bubba Park. The main protocol is operating at 50% capacity.

“We are in a process of gradually reopening our operation, hand-in-hand with protocols that will limit our activity at least for most of 2021,” added Antonio Font, owner of Pibelandia. “The focus is on recovery, and then we will continue to deploy our strategy of continuous growth.

“Within this framework, Magnetic Cash is a strategic ally for our company, providing technological solutions that allow greater efficiency and control of operations.”

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