Love — and Profits — Were In the Air This Valentine’s Day with Apple Face Place

appleFPvalentinesApple Industries reported an earning spike for its photo booth operators over the Valentine’s Day weekend of up to 110 percent higher than average. The company attributes part of weekend’s success to their Smile 2.0 operating system and its continual, real-time updates.
“Apple continually downloads new art packages to networked Face Place equipment in order to drive more holiday business,” said CEO Allen Weisberg.  “There’s a popular holiday practically every month of the year, and we support them with new graphics from New Year’s Eve to Valentine’s Day to Saint Patrick’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Halloween and of course Christmas.”
These graphics are promoted with attract screens before the customer even puts money in. Right after a photo is taken, the holiday borders will automatically pop up as the first option.
“We have discovered when customers see our fun holiday borders and in-picture art, they come back and take more photos,” Apple execs noted. “Lovers love Cupid because he’s the patron saint of romance. Face Place operators love Cupid because Valentine’s Day clearly drives more sales and repeat business to their photo booths.”
The company also hypothesized that, in the spirit of the holiday, many customers probably took photos side-by-side with sweethearts or as mementos to share through the booth’s social media tie-ins.
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