Level8 Plans Smart Wristband Release


The Lewisville, Texas-based Level8 recently announced plans to debut new smart-band technology in 2020. Called Intelliband, the product was issued a U.S. patent in Nov. 2018, and is patent-pending in Europe.

In conjunction with Active8 Software, the wristband “promises to provide amusement centers, trampoline parks, climbing and other leisure entertainment venues with a fully integrated solution that vastly improves upon the outdated options currently available today.”

Founding partner of Level8, Greg Spittle, explained what it will do for operators: “Intelliband will track guests’ activities, like jumping and climbing, or simply attempting various attractions. Earning points turns the entire experience into one big game, keeping the guests engaged while they’re at the facility and driving them back repeated times with the goal of increasing scores and redeeming points.”

Level8 also incorporates cashless payments into the wristband technology with the goal of making it easier for guests to enjoy their time without worrying about cash or even cards.

Operators will also benefit by being able to track a customer’s time at the facility, what attractions they were at the most, how much money was spent on concessions and more. More information is available at www.intelliband.com.


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