Lasertron Announces Jan. Operator’s Conference


Lasertron is all set to host its next conference for laser tag operators on Jan. 29-30 in its Rochester, N.Y., entertainment center. The conference (you don’t have to be a Lasertron customer to attend) provides attendees with multiple opportunities to learn and network.

Company reps says the Operators’ Conference is unique in that it continually attracts previous attendees who return for a chance to learn more from veteran laser tag operators and pick up tips to improve and grow their businesses.

Said Aaron Bos, who attended the company’s September event, “Even after returning for a fifth and sixth time, the content stays fresh and informative. Top notch execution.” Another, Patrick Murphy, said, “Returning to the Operators’ Conference for my first back-to back attendance, I was excited to discover what so many other operators have noted: This conference is a fantastic solution to leaving the whirlwind behind and learn/plan what we should be doing the next few months until the next conference.”

“Being brand new to the FEC industry I was very happy meeting other operators and different vendors. I learned more than I expected about the industry. Very valuable and look forward to join the FEC industry,” said Chad Harper.

Interested parties should contact Ann Kesler at 305-257-3930 or Greg Watches 716-748-6430. Registration is also available on the company website here. Lasertron has 180 locations operating its equipment, with one of the newest being the latest Stars and Strikes location that recently opened in Smyrna, Tenn.


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