AAMA Looking for Its Next “FEC of the Year”


The AAMA is now accepting applications for 2018’s FEC of the Year award. The award judges several criteria including games, attractions, food, marketing, social media, charitable activity, safety, staff engagement, design and a secret shopper visit. Five finalists will be selected for a visit and review by Amusement Advantage, a secret shopper organization.

“The application itself is quite detailed,” said AAMA EVP Peter Gustafson. “By following up with an in-depth secret shopper review, we’re confident our selection process is both professional and thorough.” That’s Gustafson above giving the 2017 FEC of the Year Award to Brian Cohen of PINSTACK.

The winner will be selected by AAMA’s FEC of the Year Review Committee, comprised of recognized leaders representing a cross section of the industry. Interested applicants must submit by noon Central time on Nov. 30, 2018. Only AAMA members in good standing may apply. Click here to see the link.


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