LAI Games’ HYPERpitch Makes its Way to Japan


The baseball-themed game HYPERpitch from LAI Games is continuing its round-the-world installations. Following the game’s rollout to all U.S. locations earlier this year, LAI Games reports that Round1 has installed the game in all of its stores in Japan, too.

That’s a total of 60 HYPERpitch units purchased through their distributor Bandai Namco Technica. The announcement comes after LAI Games installed the game in all Dave & Buster’s locations throughout North America earlier this year.

With baseball a popular sport in Japan, LAI Games notes that HYPERpitch was a natural fit for Round1 there. Some modifications made to the game for the Japanese audience: pitch speed in kilometers per hour instead of miles; adjustments to the scoring matrix; instructions translated to Japanese; and the games are amusement only. Learn more at


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