LAI Games Draws Throwing Talent at IAAPA


HYPERpitch, the new baseball-themed LAI Games attraction was a hit with players and onlookers alike last month at IAAPA. The company recently shared that Nick Young with GOAT Events threw multiple 100MPH pitches.

Nick Young of GOAT Events.

The machine is a single or double-player pitching game, which is sure to attract competitive friends. See Nick’s blazing-fast throws on the LAI Games Facebook page. HYPERpitch begins shipping later this month. You’ll also be able to see it at the EAG Expo, Jan. 14-16 in London (they’ll be at Booth #600).

In other news, the company was also a recipient of Bob Cooney’s new VR Bobble Award. They won for Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride, which many say has revolutionized attendant-free VR.

“It’s a product that’s really good for kids as well as adults, so (LAI Games) broke two barriers with one product: you don’t need to staff it, and it works for kids too,” said Cooney, who presented the award on the third day of the expo.

More information is available at

The LAI Games team with Bob Cooney.


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