Cotton Candy World Successful at IAAPA


The Queensland, Australia-based MC Global Games exhibited their new attendant-free cotton candy vending machine at IAAPA Expo to “rave reviews,” the company says.

“I was thrilled with the 100 percent positive response of attendees to our presentation of Cotton Candy World,” said Paul Jacobs, the newly-appointed vice president of business development for MC Global Games. “Attendees, children and grown-ups alike loved watching the floss-making operation with musical accompaniment, and enjoyed the rich vanilla flavor of the cotton candy.”

Timm Stay, Ray McGowan and Paul Jacobs of MC Global Games shown in the Gold Standard Games booth, where they exhibited at IAAPA.

The machine features an attraction-generating top display and vends non-sticky, dry, fluffy cotton candy in 70 seconds. Its vend door remains locked during the floss making process and then unlocks until the floss is removed.

Three years in development, the makers boast the machine’s easy-to-operate, small-footprint design – perfect for operators in all types of street locations, as well as FECs, bowling centers, cinemas and the like, they say.

Cotton Candy World is currently operating in a number of FECs in Australia and producing an ROI of under 20 weeks. It will be available for delivery to the U.S. market in March. More information is available at


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