Kevin Williams Continues #AfterLockdown Guide


Location-based entertainment operators will find Kevin Williams’ most recent reopening support primer quite helpful, with information on necessary game room changes for all types of equipment. Found online here, the guide includes best practices to keep players safe and happy.

Called “Operators Guide: Amusement Support Primer #3,” Williams discusses the basics of social distancing, having clear signage and infographics, and implementing extra cleaning protocols. He also details the need to ramp up cleanliness on game buttons and levers – things like wiping down basketballs, ensuring pinball playfield glass and plungers are not overlooked, and giving sanitization attention to handrails on dancing games and the like.

Noted in his final observations, Williams wrote: “These are basic rule-of-thumb guidelines, to help operators plan a regime to address the cleaning and operation needs. At all times refer to the CDC, local authorities and manufacturers own guidelines that can be found online for the official position.”

The most recent guide follows “Top 16 Entertainment Operation Priorities Post COVID-19” and “Operators Guide: How to Answer Difficult Questions.” You can email Kevin at [email protected] for more information.


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