An Operators Guide On Answering Difficult Questions


As locations reopen across the country, operators are likely to face some difficult questions. Addressing this issue, industry consultant Kevin Williams recently published a guide on how to answer those questions from customers. (Williams previously laid out top entertainment center priorities post-COVID-19, which RePlay reported here.)

See the full PDF here: KWP_Operator_Guide_1 FINAL

In collaboration with Jeff Chatterton of Checkmate Public Affairs, a specialist in risk and crisis communications, they compiled the guide built on situations experienced by operators and owners in the amusement and attraction sectors, “starting the long and difficult process of reopening in their various territories.”

One suggestion – as some customers might say “How dare you reopen? Don’t you know you’re putting lives at risk?” – instead of saying, “Everyone else is opening. It’s only fair that we move forward,” try saying, “I have family myself, and nothing is more important than the safety of our guests.” Guest safety and understanding of their concerns is paramount, the guide says.

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