Jumbo Jumpin Ready to Go


The newest version of Bandai Namco Amusement America’s redemption game Jumpin Jackpot – known as Jumbo Jumpin – is now in stock and shipping, the company says.

As players jump over a virtual LED jump rope, they will start to fill a progress bar on the screen. The more they execute the jumps, the more the progress bar will fill – increasing the speed of the jump rope. Once the bar is fully lit, the player wins the ticket jackpot. The game is set up with multiple coin and jackpot settings, giving players the ability to choose from different difficulty settings.

The virtual jump roper features an LCD screen and different modes of gameplay: normal jump rope or double Dutch, which “combines the fun of the arcade with a classic game everyone knows and loves.”

For more information about the game, jump on over to www.bandainamco-am.com.  


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