Jumanji Stars Play LAI’s Let’s Bounce


A recent ad from the mega-FEC chain Dave & Buster’s featured the stars from the movie Jumanji shooting hoops, warming up on LAI’s Let’s Bounce and having a good time overall. The short ad features Dwayne Johnson, Jack Black, Karen Gillan and Kevin Hart competing for the best scores. Check it out on the right.

In other LAI news, the firm reported success at this year’s IAAPA Expo. LAI says their debut of Virtual Rabbids: The Big Ride went over well with many attendees, and had the show floor buzzing along with the rest of the VR offerings. Ubisoft, the AAA home game maker which owns the Rabbids license, sent Deborah Papiernik, SVP of new business development, and Melanie de Riberolles over to check out the ride. (They’re pictured below with LAI’s Chris Brady and Steve Bryant.)


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