Japan Spotlight: Photo Booths a Boom


Editor’s Note: RePlay Assistant Editor Matt Harding has been working from and traveling in Japan this month and is sharing a few industry-related items in this week’s newsletters.

Photo booths are a staple for most FECs, route operations and other attractions in the U.S., especially touristy spots like the Santa Monica Pier in Southern California, for example. In Japan, I’ve noticed them everywhere – just like their vending machines.

You’ll find photo booths in the places you’d least expect them, like at a random parking lot in the city of Nara (pictured here). In fact, I also spotted one right next to a lineup of vending machines (also pictured).

While different parts of the world have different cultures around amusements and vending, do you think that could work in your operation? Where’s your most interesting spot for a photo booth, if you have any?


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