Editorial – January 2023



Ingrid Milkes

Ingrid Adlum Milkes

“If you want God to laugh, make plans.” I’m the person who always said she would NEVER work at home. My father did it when I was a kid and it just wasn’t a healthy situation for anyone. He was busy and/or stressed all the time and as kids we didn’t understand how to be quiet or leave him alone when he was writing. No one’s fault, but I vowed to “work at work” and “home at home.” And then Covid happened.

RePlay was a bustling office where most of us would work together every day, save for Matt, who would come in every other day and Key, who had already worked at home for years due to the painful commute. So when lockdown started, we all assumed we’d go back to the job as soon as the Governor let us. Then a funny thing happened…we all got used to working at home. Well, almost everyone.

You can see where this is going. I’m now the only one who comes into the office. Dad comes in here and there to go through mail or pick up something, but really only because he likes it. Barry’s another creature of the go-to-the-office habit, but even he only pops into the office now and then. So, guess what? I’m moving this show home!

Starting next month, RePlay’s “office” will be a room in my house complete with the entire library of issues, the Pitney Bowes, and my 1981 Tron. But I’ll also have my dog, my own bathroom and a prettier view than my current one of an alley. To be honest, I’m a bit scared. Growing up in a family where work and home life blurred was hard. So many companies in our little industry are family-owned businesses. You know what I’m talking about! You can’t just “put down the job” when your kid wants to play catch or get a ride to the mall. It’s a balancing act that, up until now, I didn’t think I was capable. But I’m going to try.

Covid seems to have cured my “never say never” aversion. How did Covid change your operations? I bet they changed in ways you couldn’t have dreamed. So many of you pivoted just to keep the doors open when the bars and FECs were closed. How much did we all learn about what we were capable of? Have you slid back to old habits or adopted some new ones? As horrible as the pandemic was, we all learned some things that were helpful or even wonderful.

I’m going to try to focus on the good changes. I’m going to look forward to this move as a chance to start the New Year with a fresh perspective along with a fresh view. How about you?

On a personal note, whenever I wrote the Editorial, I would get a call from Al Kress giving me words of praise and encouragement. For a second there, I was excited for my phone call until I remembered he’s playing pinball in heaven. I miss you, Uncle Al.

Here’s wishing a happy, blessed and malleable New Year to us all!




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