Intercard CEO Takes Covid Recovery Tour


Scott Sherrod, CEO of Intercard, recently made visits to several St. Louis-area FECs to see first-hand how the industry is coming back, optimistically noting, “People still want to have fun.”

Swing-A-Round Fun Town in Fenton was full when he went inside, Sherrod reports, and birthday party rooms were decked out in decorations. That business is at 50% capacity at the moment. “About 90% of the arcade players were kids,” he said. “But some parents were playing games with their kids, which shows they are feeling comfortable that arcades are safe with proper cleaning and maintenance.”

Bowlero Lakeside in Valley Park was also among the venues Sherrod visited. There, he arrived as the doors were opening – and people were waiting to get in. “The manager told me the numbers were only 50% of what they were a year ago,” Sherrod said, “But he is looking forward to their fall leagues starting up. The leagues will really help.”

He added: “Business is down for everyone, but as time progresses and more places open up across the country, people are coming out to play. Many Intercard customers in the U.S. are saying that revenues are increasing steadily. People are learning how to live with this virus and that you can still have fun outside the home while staying safe. I am optimistic about the future of our industry.” Stay up-to-date with what Intercard is doing at


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