Intercard Bows Mobile Arcade Management App


Those attending the European Attractions Show (EAS) from Sept. 26-28 will get a chance to see Intercard’s new iService app, which allows operators to manage multiple arcade locations from any Android or iOS device.

The app allows operators to create a list of games, edit it with information on status, repair needs and more. It tethers with Intercard readers and can be used to remotely put a game out of service or bring it back online. After a repair, techs can make a record of service issues, diagnosing the problem and recording it with text and photos.

All information entered into iService is automatically updated to the cloud, so small details aren’t forgotten on stickies or hastily scrawled notes on the back of your hand, says the company. Information updates can trigger push notifications as well, so anyone managing the arcade knows what’s going on with each game, each moment. The app also works with Intercard’s iTeller automated tellers, and can give info on jammed bill acceptors for the machine or an empty card dispenser.

“The iService app is our latest innovation and another industry first in cashless technology,” says Scott Sherrod, the CEO of Intercard. “It changes the job of arcade management and might be the best game room “manager” you ever engaged.”


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