ICE Modernizes ’80s Toy Into Redemption Attraction


ICE’s Waterfuls game is all set to blast some nostalgia into folks who played the original, simple game from the toy company Tomy in the ’80s and ’90s. The company has transformed the counter-top toy into a full-fledged coin-op game that will be featured at the IAAPA Expo next week.

Using unique tech, ICE has developed the new machine to replicate the feel of real water that was used in the original. Players push a button to send bursts of digitized air bubbles into the “water” in an attempt to send a group of rings flying. If the player does it right, they can guide the rings with skillful puffs onto pegs, resulting in a big ticket win!

Multiple bonus opportunities keep gameplay fresh, with players trying to guide mystery rings, letter rings that spell W-A-T-E-R-F-U-L-S and more. On top of that, players aren’t just competing for tickets, but for the high score as well (which, of course, gets them more tickets too!) The game uses holographic tech to display video rings on the backlit physical pegs, adding an interesting, modern twist to the classic game.

ICE’s sales veep Joe Coppola said: “Waterfuls has been out on test now for over six months and the results have been excellent. The data we’ve collected shows a high level of repeat play and the feedback from the player base has been very strong. No doubt players feel they get better as they play more and we’ve seen first- hand it’s a game the whole family enjoys!”

For more information, go to their website at Visit ICE at IAAPA booths #1106 & 1306.


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