Benchmark’s New Trio


Benchmark Games is ready to show off three new products coming off the factory floor for this year’s IAAPA: Total Eclipse, Space Jump and Ticket Station. The first two are brand-new ticket redemption games while the last is an update to Benchmark’s standard ticket redeeming kiosks.

Total Eclipse takes players to space, asking them to fire a puck along a cosmic pathway in hopes of it landing dead center. If the player is successful, they get astronomical tickets and an extra shot! The 4-player game has a modest footprint, LED lighting, interactive monitors and a great audio package.

Space Jump continues the celestial fun, with players controlling space cadets hoping to launch a rocket. This skill-based game has players controlling their jumps through well timed button presses in hopes of winning a bunch of tickets.

Finally, Benchmark’s new, updated Ticket Station hopes to improve upon operator’s control and custom options. It has a new colorful cabinet, upped security, new graphics and a great munching sound effect as it “eats” players’ tickets. It can also “learn” to accept up to ten different tickets of varying lengths, sizes and values at a time.

For more information, visit Benchmark at IAAPA booth #1024.


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