ICE Globally Exhibits Hit Games in India, Italy


ICE recently showcased their latest games at the IAAPI show in Mumbai, India and at the newer FEE Bergamo event in Milan, Italy.

Gene Brogowski (above, at right), ICE’s director of international sales, took on the IAAPI show with the company’s India distributor CSML. “This year’s show was a fantastic experience with our exemplary distributor CSML,” Brogowski said.

“For three days, the show’s attendance was strong, with all the top operating FEC companies attending, and a large number of new entrepreneurs to,” the company said. “The booth was abuzz with the latest ICE game World Football Pro, which already is in country by CSML and made its presence known quickly with good rankings and heavy earnings.” CSML also showed off NBA Gametime for the first time in the market, along with Super Kixx.

In Italy, ICE was in the Faroplay booth, again with World Football Pro, as well as Tons of Tickets and Whack A Clown.

“It was great to see so many operators come out to this show from both the north and south of Italy,” said Ryan Coppola, who handles ICE’s Italy market. “With World Football Pro being in the field for over a year now, we are excited about the future growth of that game in the Italian market as there were no other games that compared to it at the show.”

ICE will also have two new games making their debut at DEAL in Dubai and Amusement Expo in Las Vegas coming up. RePlay will have more on those games – titled Quarterback Pro and Double Dribble – ahead of those shows.


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