Spotlight Feature – ICE’s Chexx Celebrates 40 Years


ICE 40th anniversary Chexx hockey

The 40th anniversary Chexx game – RePlay’s Barry Zweben said he vividly remembers his first meeting with the late Ralph Coppola, founder of ICE, and getting a look at the original Chexx. “I can still hear the sound of Ralph sledge-hammering the Lexan top of Chexx to show how indestructible the unit was in the back of the convention center in Chicago 40 years ago. Knowing my friend Ralph as I did, I’m quite sure that he’s just sold several 40th anniversary units to the angels he’s made friends with.”

Happy Birthday, Chexx!

ICE Celebrates 40th Anny of the Game that Put them on the Map

Innovative Concepts in Entertainment certainly lived up to its name 40 years ago with the revolutionary Chexx Bubble Hockey game. Now, ICE Games is celebrating with a 40th-anniversary edition of the classic machine.

ICE 40th anniversary Chexx hockey - scoringICE is offering a limited production run on the game, featuring the original blue base and red grips along with new and improved electronics, jumbotron scoring and animation, a skated ice surface, underneath cabinet LED lighting and LED lighting incorporated into the base itself. Each ice surface will also be numbered to honor the 40-year milestone and presale customers can select their very own edition number. It’s being marketed to operators as well as collectors.

ICE 40th anniversary Chexx hockey - playfield“Chexx, Super Chexx and Super Chexx Pro Bubble Hockey have been played by millions of people in their own homes over the past 40 years,” said ICE’s Ryan Coppola. “It’s still the most easily maintained game on the market today. With an unbreakable Lexan dome, a one-piece high-impact plastic base and a cabinet made of aluminum construction, it’s virtually indestructible and tamper-proof. The molded rods and easily accessible electronics are unique features that have been recently added to our patented clutch and gear design, which keeps players on the ice at all times.”

Learn more at and contact the company today to get this one-of-a-kind edition of Chexx. Each 40th-anniversary machine is made by hand at the company’s facility in Buffalo, N.Y.



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