IBF Makes QubicaAMF Exclusive Equipment Partner


QubicaAMF recently became the International Bowling Federation’s exclusive global bowling equipment partner for Tenpin bowling through 2030, according to the organizations.

“The IBF/QubicaAMF partnership goes beyond a sponsorship or a licensing agreement,” the bowling groups said. “IBF and QubicaAMF will work together on a series of initiatives to grow bowling, to increase its popularity and worldwide reach and to make it more successful, more sustainable and more inclusive as an international sport.”

QubicaAMF will be IBF’s equipment supplier for all IBF Elite Events and multi-sport games at The World Games in Birmingham, Ala., in 2022 and the PanAm Games in Santiago, Chile, in 2023. Learn more at www.qubicamf.com or www.bowling.sport.


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