IAAPA’s FEC Summit Kicks Off in Phoenix



IAAPA's Leslie Hutcheson, Sacoa's Brian Duke, TILT Studio's Nancy Roggio and Art Attack's Doug Wilson pose for a photo on the opening morning of IAAPA's FEC Summit.

IAAPA’s Leslie Hutcheson, Sacoa’s Brian Duke, TILT Studio’s Nancy Roggio and Art Attack’s Doug Wilson pose for a photo on the opening morning of IAAPA’s FEC Summit.

The fifth iteration of IAAPA’s popular FEC-focused conference began in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Jan. 29 and runs through Jan. 31. This year’s FEC Summit is bringing together over 150 people from 27 states and 10 countries for workshops, educational seminars, site tours, networking and more.

According to IAAPA’s Leslie Hutcheson, organizers focused heavily this year on attracting a new group of FEC industry members, reaching out to entrepreneurs and first-time operators. “The numbers are right where we want them,” Hutcheson said. “This year we’re really focusing on entrepreneurs. IAAPA’s FEC Committee developed a great platform to target and engage this part of IAAPA.”

As an extra effort to get newcomers, the organization opened up attendance of 2017’s FEC Summit to non-IAAPA members as well as members.

Topics in this year’s schedule include hiring, motivating teams, insurance, women in leadership, maximizing profits from events, motivating consumer behavior and more. On top of back-to-back educational seminars, attendees are getting the ever-present and well-encouraged opportunity to network with other FEC professionals. The entire Summit has an air of collaboration, with every session opening up conversations between business operators worldwide.

Attendees of the bonus, post-Summit FEC tour on Wednesday, Feb. 1, will also get the chance to visit Tilt, Amazing Jakes, Main Event and Flip Side for an in-depth, on-location look at strategies and best practices.

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Beth Standlee of Trainertainment, Amy Bruske of Kolbe Corp. and Mike Abecassis of GameTime ham it up on stage while (quite literally) throwing out green, padded microphones so the crowd could ask them questions.


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