IAAPA Seeks Congressional Aid for Attractions Industry


On behalf of the attractions industry, IAAPA is seeking aid from Congress, lobbying to enhance the CARES Act to ensure businesses are ready for the recovery.

Citing an uncertain future, IIAAPA logoAAPA has submitted “critical policy requests to Congress to help ensure the attractions industry and its more than 700,000 U.S.-based employees are considered,” noting that it’s an economic engine supporting related businesses like hotels, airlines, restaurants and more.

“The CARES Act is an important step in the right direction to help America successfully emerge from this global crisis,” said IAAPA president and CEO Hal McEvoy. “Now, work must be done quickly to ensure critical changes and additional support are earmarked to ensure attractions industry needs are met.”

With parks and attractions closed, and thousands of workers, at least temporarily,a out of a job, IAAPA urged Congress to pass additional COVID-19-related legislation that includes expanding the Paycheck Protection Program; adding amusement parks and attractions to the Emergency Stabilization Fund; and more. Click here to see more specific details on those and other requests.

“Congress must move swiftly to make these changes and pass supplement funding,” McEvoy said. “Attractions industry and travel-related businesses play a critical role in the U.S. economy and will be important in helping the country recover from this crisis. Until that time, their health and future lie in the hands of Congress.”

Click here or visit www.iaapa.org for a full list of the association’s COVID-19 resources.


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