IAAPA on Engaging Guests “When the Gates Are Closed”


As the attractions industry is all but shut down right now, IAAPA has been sharing tips on how to keep guests tuned in – ready to hop on your rides and play your games once government guidelines give amusement parks and entertainment centers the go-ahead to open.

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Their five tips included the following:

1. Stay true to your brand. IAAPA used the example of Quassy Amusement and Waterpark creating a fun coloring book featuring its popular rides for kids stuck at home. It’s valuable to their community and says, “We’re still here.”

2. Ask for input. Use social media and really connect with your followers. While this is always important, they say, it’s key to helping keep guests engaged during these times.

3. Show you care and stay optimistic. Messaging is important. “There is a time and place for sales messages,” says Levi Hanson, events and marketing manager of Fun Land of Fredericksburg. “We need to remember that a lot of people will be struggling financially from this. When businesses are not doing well, neither are their people.”

4. Prepare for engagement. IAAPA wrote, “In order to successfully produce theirlive looks on Facebook, ZooAmerica added extra staff resources to support their social media team—and the viral videos are resonating with viewers.”

5. Have fun. IAAPA noted that one amusement park chain in Europe plans to host a virtual dance party. Maybe you can do a version of that – perhaps an online game tournament. Anything to keep people engaged and ready to come back to your facility!


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