Firestone Financial Offering Customers 90-Day Deferments


Firestone Financial, an amusement industry lender and subsidiary of Berkshire Bank, recently announced its plan to offer assistance to customers impacted by the coronavirus, starting with a 90-day deferment on loans. Customers who were unable to make a March payment will now pay in June; customers who did make a March payment will have loans deferred to July.

“We’re paying close attention to everything that’s happening, and we will continue to do what we can to help,” said Michael Smith, the company’s executive vice president and COO. Smith spoke with RePlay on Friday (March 27) and told us all 45 of Firestone Financial’s employees are working on the relief effort, taking some 100 or so calls per day. They’ve been working remotely for about two weeks now.

Smith suggested that their roughly 4,000 customers keep an eye on their social media pages (click here for Facebook) for additional information that will continue coming out in the days and weeks ahead. You can also visit for more information or click here to contact them for assistance.

RePlay will share news in our May issue on how industry lenders like Firestone Financial are responding to customers in this unprecedented time.


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