IAAPA Events Calendar Jam-Packed Thru Expo


Culminating this year with the IAAPA Expo in Orlando from Nov. 15-18, IAAPA has a lot of events scheduled this year – both in-person and online.

IAAPA logo

Among the in-person events on the agenda in 2021 are: Meet IAAPA in Zhuhai (April 22 in Zhuhai, Guangdong, China); IAAPA EMEA Spring Summit (June 8-10 in Belgium); IAAPA Expo Asia (Aug. 10-13 in Shanghai, China); IAAPA Conference: Latin America | Caribbean (Sept. 8-9 in Cancun, Mexico); and IAAPA Expo Europe (Sept. 27-30 in Barcelona, Spain).  Stay up to date on the events at www.iaapa.org/events-calendar.


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