Hologate Unveils Wireless Technology for Their Arena


Hologate’s best-selling Arena platform now features “hyper-real wireless streaming technology,” which the company says “guarantees high-resolution cinematic graphics and superior performance, an unprecedented advancement over many other free-roam VR systems that rely solely on headset rendering.”

With the new wireless technology, players can now enjoy “unparalleled freedom of movement” that aims to enhance immersion.

Hologate offers three different Arena options – Arena Core, Arena Infinite and Arena Ultimate, each with distinct technological features.

“This launch marks a new dawn in immersive Hologate VR,” said CEO Leif Petersen. “With wireless technology and three distinct Arena systems, we’re offering unparalleled flexibility and performance and making premium VR experiences more accessible than ever.”

Visit www.hologate.com to learn more.


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