Historic SF Arcade Seeking Donations


Musée Mécanique, a historic arcade and game museum at San Francisco’s Fisherman’s Wharf, is looking to raise $250,000 to keep the business afloat during its long-term closure.

The arcade’s GoFundMe page said the family-owned collection has been in biz since 1933, and owner and fundraiser organizer Dan Zelinski noted, “It costs an average of $250,000 for us to break even every year, which is not including paying any of the employees. Being entirely hands on entertainment in a crowded arcade, we will be one of the last places allowed to reopen. With the inability to offer curbside pickup or online sales, our income has dropped to zero while our expenses remain very high.”

The plea continued: “It is our goal to reopen the Musée once it is safe and without risk to visitors and employees. However, financially speaking, we cannot afford to wait that long. We need assistance in paying rent, insurance, electrical and keeping up with general maintenance. For so many of our machines, sitting in a warehouse not being used, will cause them more damage over time than the wear and tear of being used daily. With over 300 machines, it is still a full-time job keeping each machine in working order.”

Learn more at www.museemecanique.com.


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