A&A Global Gives Operators Advice


In a graphic shared on Facebook, A&A Global Industries gave some advice to operators who’ve had locations ask them to remove machines because of COVID-19. Here’s A&A Global’s 4-step guide:

1- Be prepared: Make a 20-30-second “elevator speech” with reasons listed in this guide, ask questions and stay calm.

2- Engage your customer: Vending machines have been around for decades and are well used by your customers. They’re safe, exciting and fun to use. And they provide passive income, especially important in today’s struggling economy.

3- Vending makes “cents”: Machines have toys, novelties and confections, providing activities for children and creating a better shopping experience. Vending adds to the experience for everyone, and creates repeat customers.

4- Protect and disinfect: Prizes and candy are protected from contamination. You can provide signage indicating the machines have been disinfected. Wear masks and gloves when servicing – show that you take extra care!

Learn more from the company at www.aaglobal.com.


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