Helix Leisure Buys Booking Boss


The continually growing conglomeration of companies that is Helix Leisure (HL) has snapped up another partner to help solidify its offerings in the Asia-Pacific region. Booking Boss, the acquired company, is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, and provides online booking, ticketing and POS solutions. Founders Renee and Andy Welsh will continue to run the company.

“We’re delighted to join the Helix Leisure team,” said Booking Boss CEO Renee Welsh. “Their industry leading experience, company culture and global reach is going to take us to exciting new industries and drive the future of the out-of-home entertainment industry.”

The acquisition was completed in July last year, with the ensuing months allowing Booking Boss to acclimate to the HL environment. International growth plans are in place for the company, with HL execs hoping to capitalize on the purchase by leveraging the companies’ combined development teams. Embed, another company under the HL banner, has already benefitted from this partnership in the form of a new, integrated party booking system.

“The industry is becoming increasingly aware that a guest’s interactions with the location start long before they step foot in the facility. Their pre-visit experiences form a vital part of their perception of a brand,” said HL CEO Theo Sanders. “With the Booking Boss acquisition, we’re now able to connect a beautiful pre-visit experience to Embed’s existing on-site capabilities, and in doing so, allow operators to engage with their guests at every step of the journey.”


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