Brand Vending Gains Exclusive Tubz Rights


Brand Vending Products LLC recently announced an exclusive North American distributorship of the Tubz line of bulk tower vendors. Tubz Toy Towers can be found in over 100,000 locations throughout Europe, and Brand Vending expects the market in North America to be just as inviting.

“We’re very excited to once again bring the first ever of its kind Tubz Toys and the Tubz machine to the North American market. Products like these have helped keep Brand Vending in the forefront of the industry. This machine is all about innovation, accessibility, selection, and style,” said Brand Vending CEO Scott Jochim.

Tubz Towers are meant to be a modern-day replacement of the long-used bulk vending rack. The machine allows for nine different products, 135 2” capsules in total, with a relatively minuscule footprint of 11.8”. The vendor can sit on a counter, secured to a wall or stand free on its up to 2.6’ adjustable post. A single coin mech allows for operators to save time in collections, and the whole tower can spin 360 degrees so customers can peruse at their leisure.

“Brand sees thousands of potential outlets for this dispenser. They are unique, affordable, and easy to locate,” Jochim said.


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